The current real-time-false-free innovative technology changes the shape of the world into new dimensions, which implies the productivity of human life, transportation, and healthcare systems are growing beyond the imagination. Applications like smart cities, smart farming, autonomous vehicles, industrial 4.0, and remote surgeries are made possible with advanced computing methodologies.

Cloud computing is one of the strongest disruptive technologies scattered across these innovations however due to vast requirements of use-cases and critical resource management cloud computing experiences a various latency bottleneck which impact the performance and response time for these use cases in real-time.

Edge is a new era of computing standards where AI relies heavily on data transmission and computation of complex machine learning algorithms. To move AI to where the data generation and computation actually take place, call it Edge can improve latency, data security, and real-time and fast responsiveness.

This Vol 1: Deploy an Accelerated AI at the Edge white paper can hep the Edge AI-enabled solution provides and OEMs the implication of Edge AI and Edge Computing trends in future market by providing comprehensive details, infrastructure, use-cases and available solution's offered by Edgeble AI.

Table of contents covered in this 2022 Volume 1 edition is,

  • Computing at the Edge
  • Artificial Intelligence at the Edge
  • The Rise of Edge AI Computing
  • AI Hardware at the Edge
  • AI Software at the Edge
  • Edgeble AI at the Edge
  • Edge Compute Module 0
  • Edge Compute Module 2

Hope this read will useful and informative. If you need any further information and planning to deploy our Edgeble AI stack in your products, please don't hesitate to write at info@edgeble.ai

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