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Pre-trained.  Accelerated.  AI. 

Accelerate Your Edge AI deployments with Secure, Scalable, Fast, and Fail-safe Edgeble Pre-trained AI Accelerator Platform.

AI/ML Accelerators in the form of Neural Processing Units (NPU) is designed to compute high-performance parallel
AI workloads for high response time and low latency.

Edgeble AI is one of the first AI-centric solutions providers engineered in deploying AI Acceleration principles at the edge.

Our unified architecture enables companies to develop Edge AI-enabled solutions once and deploy them everywhere starting from consumer sector to robust industrial sectors.



Example of How Edgeble Neural Acceleration on Perceptron (P) Neural

AI/ML Accelerators play a vital role in the parallel computation of machine learning algorithms however deploying them at the edge requires a reliable and fast set of challenging computing designs with integrated software tools.

Edgeble has engineered an Edge AI platform stack that will accelerate the time-to-market for a world of companies that are producing high-grade Edge AI-enabled solutions. The architecture was designed with scale-ready Neurally-accelerated computing modules with pre-trained open software inference deployment models.

NPU (64)_edited.jpg

Neurally Fast

Edgeble Neural Compute Modules are built on top of high-Speed and low-latency modeling Neural Accelerated System On Chips. These accelerators are highly responsive and operated with trillion operations per second speeds of 2TOPS, 6TOPS and so. on.

NPU (63)_edited.jpg

Ultra Vision

Image Signal Processing (ISP) is the heart of deriving precise and efficient computer vision. Edgeble Neural compute modules are built on hardware-driven ultra codec algorithms for real-time processing of 4K and 8K with optimized GPU workloads.

NPU (67)_edited.jpg

Pre-trained Inferences

Deploying the accelerators at the edge would be a challenging task however usage of these accelerators is customer-centric inference modeling. Edgeble platform has a generic solution to handle custom model management via pre-trained inferences.

NPU (66)_edited.jpg

Open Source deployment

Edgeble platform stack has a set of tools in each stage on top of open-source Linux with secure container-based deployment management. This makes customer engineering time reduced by almost ~55% with no license vulnerabilities.

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